HopeMade Soap - by Bill -  
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Hi! I'm Bill,  your  Hand Made   Goat's Milk   Soap Guy.

HopeMade Soap  is a true cottage industry type venture, specializing in Soothing, Long Lasting, and Luxurious, bars of  "Home Made"  Goat's Milk soap.  With a Rich, Full Lather, and a Pleasant Scent, my soaps are sure to satisfy.  We make our soaps with the finest saponified oils, like  CoconutSunflower,  Soybean, and  Palm,  along with the very beneficial addition of  Goat's Milk.  

If you happen to be curious about my "Company Name", as many people are, you may want to check out this extra information that I've shared, in order to explain   what puts the HOPE into the Soap.

I focus on this one specialty product in order to be able to put all sorts of energy, and know-how, into what we think is some of the most Beneficial, Enjoyable, and Lusciously Pleasing soap you will find anywhere.  Go on, give it a try.  I think you'll LOVE it.

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